Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 5 – Within four months of 2020, the Royal Government of Cambodia has collected 8,428,277 million riel (about USD 2 billion) in national revenue, up 10 percent; and has spent 7,299,640 million riel (about USD 1.7 billion), increased by 31 percent, compared to same period in 2019.

The report from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which Fresh News obtained on 4 June 2020, indicated that the revenues came from tax revenue which is 7,133,514 million riel (about USD 1.7 billion); whereas expenses cover salary remuneration for civil servants), goods and services, and social funds.

Based on the budget implementation in 2020, budgetary central government has continued to perform well, reflected by the growth in accumulated revenue (10.29 percent) with the moderate increases in accumulated expenditure performance (31.56 percent). Even though the performances of total revenue and expenditure have reflected a strong growth so far, the unanticipated outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is expected to affect these performances in the next following months.