Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 12 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated his commitment to maintaining Cambodian independence and sovereignty and that Cambodia shall not trade the aforementioned blessings with anything.

Achieving full peace and national unity in 1998 through win-win policy, Cambodia has experienced an average economic growth rate of 7 per cent per annum over the past two decades. This high economic growth rate allows Cambodia to jump to a lower middle-income status in 2015, and is on her track to achieve the status of a higher middle-income country by 2030, and high income 2050, the premier wrote on Facebook page Tuesday morning.

"Cambodia cannot depend only on foreign assistance, and that Cambodia must not trade her independence and sovereignty with anything. After all, Cambodia would love to befriend with all countries in the world, those who want to see Cambodia grow without any interferences into our internal affairs,” said the Strongman of Cambodia Hun Sen.

Prime Minster concluded by expressing gratitude to businesses, traders and investors for fulfilling tax obligations and expanding the scope of trade and investment in the country.