Koh Kong (FN), March 13 – Cambodia’s Council of Ministers would be automatically dissolved if the kingdom lost Prime Minister, Strongman Hun Sen stated Wednesday in a meeting with over 13,000 garment workers in Koh Kong province, southwest of the kingdom.

If there is no Prime Minister, Cambodian Council of Ministers would be dissolved, as we do not have rights to appoint an Acting Prime Minister, the Premier Hun Sen stated pointing to the Constitution.

Prime Minister further explained that in case of the definitive vacancy of Prime Minister’s position, one of the Deputy Prime Ministers will be temporarily appointed as the Acting Prime Minister.

“If Hun Sen dies, no one can appoint an Acting Prime Minister; thus, the Council of Ministers automatically dissolves.”

“Never curse Hun Sen to die, I will not die as you cursed; Pol Pot always did, yet he had no land for his burial,” the Strongman warned.