Pursat (FN), March 20 – Cambodian Prime Minister announced to lead until the extinction of the “venomous” opposition groups who aimed to destroy Cambodia’s peace and development, addressing in a meeting with over 10,000 workers in Pursat on Wednesday.

“Not sure if I will retire in 2028; Cambodian Constitution does not determine the term of premiership. I lead [the kingdom] until the venomous opposition extinct,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“Other political parties, besides the Cambodian People's Party, are not capable in ensuring peace and development for Cambodia. Obviously, everyone recognized the ultimate brutalities of Pol Pot, yet they could not escape from my iron fists – the win-win policy,” Prime Minister boasted.

Prime Minister once again informed compatriots that the kingdom enjoys peace and development in all areas.

According to the Premier, the opposition leader of the dissolved party, though not in office yet, dared to call on troops to topple the government. Such acts would cause social turmoil in the kingdom.

“Natural disaster only impacts houses and plantations; yet, war destroys everything,” the Strongman warned.