Phnom Penh (FN), March 26 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Tuesday, highlight a number of initiatives and priorities in order to ensure that Industrial Revolution 4.0 provides benefits to socio-economic development in sustainable and inclusive manner.

Speaking at the annual 2019 Cambodia Outlook Conference held at the Great Duke Hotel in Phnom Penh, a number of initiatives and priorities are as follows:

1. Developing and implementing full and comprehensive digital government: this is a prerequisite for developing digital economy; on one hand it will enhance the efficiency of public service delivery in local areas with accountability and transparency, and on the other hand it plays a role as enabler through the development and implementation of key digital tools such as: digital address, digital signature and digital ID in order to create more opportunities for the private sector and entrepreneurs to innovate businesses.

2. Promoting investment on backbone infrastructure: to continue building backbone infrastructure such as fiber optic, submarine cable, last mile connection to households and businesses and data center to make the internet fast, affordable and accessible country-wide.

3. Maximizing the benefits from Industrial Revolution 4.0: human resource development is indispensable. Meanwhile, the Government will continue to improve quality of education, promote STEM, to promote skill training and R&D.

4. Formulating and implementing relevant policies, legal regulations and standards: digital security is an essential element in formulating long-term strategic framework. Cambodia will develop legal frameworks and regulations for managing data security, data privacy and cyber security, protecting and storing confidential information, trading and electronic payments and other regulations to protect consumers.

5. Enhancing development of ecology: to promote startups in Digital Sector, which is the starting point in promoting ICT through formulating a package of comprehensive policy by considering technology, financial resource, incentive, training, etc. In addition, to support startups in Digital Sector entrepreneurship fund will be established with USD 5 million dollars fund per annum to support the businesses in terms of financing, technique, marketing, production, training, and consultation for SMEs.