Phnom Penh (FN), March 27 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen urged for public understanding to reduce national holidays in the upcoming year, a countermeasure to EBA threat, addressing at the graduation ceremony held at National Institute of Education in Phnom Penh.

"Cambodia is a poor country, but we have many holidays. The poor kingdom has an average of 28 holidays per annum compared to 11 days off that the rich Singapore has,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Reducing national holiday will boost national productivity and attract investment, the Premier hoped, saying Cambodia will survive with or without EBA.

“If we had too many holidays, investment and factories will run away from us,” the Premier explained.

To become a financially independent nation, Prime Minister recently highlighted economic reforms, new motives, and approaches.

“We have two motives – internal reforms and make friends overseas based on the principles of independence and sovereignty – combined with five approaches for better governance – self-reflection, showering, exfoliation, treatment, and surgery,” he said.

The economic reform also implements with the fifth principle – the surgery – aims to eliminate corruption. Regarding trade facilitation and fiscal incentives, the government reduced input costs and customs procedures; eliminated the 40-year operation Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers (KAMSAB); reduced cost of scanning containers; lowering electricity price; and eliminated Cambodia Import-Export Inspection and Fraud Repression Directorate General (CAMCONTROL) of the Ministry of Commerce at all land and water borders. These are factors hopeful to attract international investors and businesspeople to invest in the kingdom.

“We must take out sand and gravels from shoes to continue walking. The fifth approach applies to the big and small,” he added.