Phnom Penh (FN), March 27 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced to allocate larger budget to the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport to increasingly deploy teachers nationwide in response to retired teachers, addressing Wednesday at the annual meeting of Education Ministry.

“The government’s priority is to recruit more teachers, train them, and deploy them nationwide to substitute the retired teachers,” the Premier stated.

The Royal Government will continue to consider the increase of salaries and incentives to teachers and teaching staff, and mobilize resources from all private-sector backgrounds to invest in education and vocational training fields, according to Prime Minister.

"In particular, the government will strengthen youth technical skills to ensure that young people possess a minimum skill for life to improve the living conditions of their family and contribute to social development,” the Premier underlined.

By doing so, the kingdom will ensure a stable labor market, and promote productivity and people's living by delegating power, roles, resource, and technical through the decentralization and deconcentralization mechanisms.

In 2019, the Royal Government has allocated approximately USD 915 million to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.