Phnom Penh (FN), March 27 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen recommended five policies for the development of Cambodian education sector, addressing Wednesday at the annual meeting of Education Ministry.

The five policies include:

First, ensure that quality education is inclusive, equitable, and quality; promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. At the same time, efforts should be made to promote and expand children's education programs and enable children to study for at least nine years in schools with clean and hygienic environment. Continue to provide scholarships to outstanding students, disadvantaged students, especially female students in poor families; ensure the effective implementation of curricula in mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and foreign languages   in line with the advanced science and technology, the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Continue to raise awareness of art, culture, tradition, and social ethical education; strengthen non-formal education by implementing new generation of school-based programs to improve quality and educational services in every village; ensure that at least one high school of general education and technical training available for a medium term in a province, and at least a high school of general education and technical training for the long term period available in a district.

Second, continue to effectively and transparently implement the leadership and management of all levels of education officials; strengthen management and leadership; deploy teachers nationwide; and continue to develop the principal's capacity.

Third, continue to be more active on Scouts and Youth by increasing the awareness of children and youth in the spirit of responsibility and confidence in their abilities and adherence to positive actions; promote youth volunteerism nationwide.

Fourth, continue to be more active in sports activities through promoting youth to be expert in one sport for life; develop sports associations and sports teams; expand the activities of physical education and sports programs to ensure Cambodia will successfully host the 32nd SEA Games in 2023.

Fifth, effectively strengthen financial cooperation in response to national development priorities, strengthening partnership and cooperation mechanisms to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals, linking to education to traditions to culture to peace to respect for human rights and dignity; respect for democratic principles, freedom, and fight against violence; prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS, the elimination of drug, eliminations of trafficking women and children, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination.