Phnom Penh (FN), March 29 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen decoded to reduce seven national holidays among the 28-30 holidays per annum, speaking at the 18th Royal Government-Private Sector Forum held Friday at the Peace Palace.

"Cambodia is a poor country, but we have many holidays. The poor kingdom has an average of 28 holidays per annum compared to 12 holidays per annum of Singapore, 16 of Thailand, and 13 of Viet Nam,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Reducing national holiday will boost national productivity and attract investment, the Premier hoped, saying Cambodia will survive with or without EBA.

“If we had too many holidays, investment and factories will run away from us,” the Premier explained.

“We are going to eliminate our traditional practices. We will still hold national and international events, but no days off,” said the Premier.

“We will reduce the three-day celebration of King’s birthday to only one day off,” he added.