Sihanoukville (FN), April 19 – Police arrested six more protestors among 100 for leading violent protests and blocking National Road 4, Sihanoukville police chief Choun Narin told Fresh News on Friday.

It was the second day of roadblock that caused gridlock on National Road 4. The violent protest injured four police officers and two other commune security and damaged three vehicles, according to the police chief.

On Thursday, police arrested Khlot Tosita, 39, female, temporarily settling at the site above; and the other man, Keo Sang, 53, a fisherman in Prey Nup district of Sihanoukville.

Tosita was throwing stone at and using a cane to attack authorities during a raid on 600 anarchic houses build on a legal private land located in Sihanoukville's Prey Nup district, whereas Keo Sang led a group to block the national road.

Sihanoukville administration issued a press release dated 18 April 2019 underlining the commitment to protect public and private assets by taking necessary measures against anarchic activities and violent protest that led to public disorder.

Sihanoukville authority also urged people not to trust the propaganda of some groups that promised the allotted piece of land or lands sold under special price.