Phnom Penh (FN), April 23 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen reminded the compatriots that without peace, Cambodian people would not be able to enjoy national holiday and festivals with family. Everyone’s job would be escaping bullets for survival.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for National University of Management at Koh Pich on Tuesday, the Premier stated that despite the hot weather affected by El Nino and the lacks of electricity supply due to water shortages, Cambodia people still enjoy the festive Khmer New Year from 14-16 April 2019 under the roof of peace and political stability.

“Peace is the most important factor for our people to enjoy. Without peace, do not even mention dancing, we talk about entering the bunker,” the Premier underlined.

“Peace is not enough. We need infrastructure,” he added.

Prime Minister recalled that during the 1990s, when the war completely ended in 1998 thanks to his win-win policy, it was difficult for Cambodian people to visit their hometowns due to the lacks of infrastructure and the dense forests.

“Several factors that allow people to enjoy the wonderful Khmer New Year are peace, infrastructure, and good living standard.”

The Strongman also urged to Khmer people to promote traditional folk games like Chol Chhoung, Bos Angkunh, Leak Kanseng, Domderm Sluk Chaue, Sdach Jung, Tort Seiy (The Foot-Feather Game), Lot Bao (The Rice Bag Racing), Teagn Prot (Tug-o-War), 3-1 (Three Minus One), and many more.