Phnom Penh (FN), May 8 – Cambodia and China signed “Action Plan 2019-2023 on Building China-Cambodia Community of Shared Future” in Beijing during Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s mission to Second Belt and Road Forum from 25 to 29 April 2019.

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian considered the “Action Plan 2019-2023 on Building China-Cambodia Community of Shared Future” a roadmap to further develop Cambodia-China comprehensive strategic partnership.

China and Cambodia are close and friendly neighbors. The two established diplomatic relations in 1958, and later promoted to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation in 2010. In recent years, thanks to the strategic guidance of the two leaderships and the joint efforts of the two peoples through the building of Belt and Road Initiative, the traditional China-Cambodia friendship is growing more and more vibrant, and the bilateral relationship is reaching the best-ever period in history.

Premier Li Keqiang’s successful visit to Cambodia in 2018 injected new vitality into China-Cambodia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation. At the beginning of 2019, Prime Minister Hun Sen paid a successful visit to China and reached important consensus with President Xi Jinping on building a community of shared future with strategic significance between China and Cambodia.

Ambassador Wang Wentian stated that “Action Plan 2019-2023 on Building China-Cambodia Community of Shared Future” has four special points as follows:

1. Comprehensive: the content of the action plans have passed through all-level administrations of the two countries. The action plans cover 31 measures on five areas of politics, security, economy, people, and multilateral cooperation.

2. Real: regarding people sector, we focus on people-to people contacts, promoting tourism and culture, creating jobs, providing vocational training, child healthcare, and social protection. On rice sector, we work to export rice in the agreed quota, strengthen cooperation on planting, processing, storing, and transporting rice, corn, rubber, and cassava.

3. Deep: Cambodia-China focuses on bilateral exchanges of top leaders and mutually shares knowledge on governance. China pledges to respect independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Cambodia; adheres to non-interferences in internal affairs of Cambodia; and support development paths suitable for the kingdom. Cambodia-China will further deepen cooperation on law enforcement and security; ensure the process of building Belt and Road Initiative; protect security, stability, and development of the two countries.

4. Supreme: Cambodia and China will promote multilateral cooperation, such as Asia-Europe Summit, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and United Nations to contribute to regional and global peace and development; further promote ASEAN-China ties by building “community of common destiny”; protect multilateral trading system; and promote global relations based on mutual respect, justice, and equality.

The Ambassador underlined that the signing of “Action Plan 2019-2023 on Building China-Cambodia Community of Shared Future” will be a catalyst for boosting Cambodia-China relations and element to promote confidence in cooperation with neighboring countries to build community of common humanity.

“Action Plan 2019-2023 on Building China-Cambodia Community of Shared Future” has become the first action plan signed by different political states. This action confirms that theories and perspective are constantly developing beyond borders, political systems, and ideologies. Such action will inspire more countries to join together to build a clean, open, peaceful, and prosperous world.