Phnom Penh (FN), June 3 – Convict Sam Rainsy, former opposition leader in exile, rejected swearing over death of former police Chief Hok Lundy, speaking in an interview with VOA on 4 June.

On 3 June, Prime Minister Hun Sen challenged Rainsy to swear on the latter’s death and lives of family members and colleagues after Rainsy accused him of a man behind the incident of former police chief.

“Hun Sen murdered the former police chief by planting the bomb in the helicopter while Hok Lundy was flying to Svay Rieng province on 9 November 2008,” Rainsy wrote on Facebook on 2 June, adding that: “Dy Vichea, the eldest son of Hok Lundy and in-law of Prime Minister Hun Sen, is plotting a revenge against the Premier by cooperating with Minister of Interior Sar Kheng,”

Rainsy, whom the Premier addressed “dog of the traitor’s son”, stated that: “Samdech Techo always takes swearing as a joke; swearing is just for the kids.”

It is worth noting that swearing is a traditional practice of Cambodian people; it is also widely used in the legislative, executive, and judicial systems. Leaders and members of the three branches must swear the oath before the King prior to assuming the offices. In the court, the plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses must all take the oath before testify. Likewise, President of the United States also took the oath before taking office.

In 2013, convict Sam Rainsy and his followers, who rejected the election results, decided to take the oath in front of Angkor Wat to reassure people that they will not enter the National Assembly. However, they finally did.

Political commentators stated that the failures to keep up their words led to their party dissolved and other members arrested. Sam Rainsy should agree to swear to guarantee the truth for people, otherwise, he would be allegedly charged of “incitement”.