Phnom Penh (FN), June 6 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen recommended factories and properties owners to serve Khmer noodle for factories workers and house renters, addressing at the Puthisastra graduation ceremony on Thursday.

“I urge landlords to prepare a meal [Khmer noodle] for garment workers. It is good, reflecting solidarity between land owners and renters,” the premier stated.

Noodle party now becomes the official circular nationwide, at which authorities at all level will prepare “noodle-eating day” on 9 June. Prime Minister also recommended his followers to invite different political parties to eat noodle or accept the invitations from other parties if invited.

Prime Minister’s appeal was made to counter the dissolved opposition party’s claim that those who eat noodle support the opposition party.

“Khmer noodle does not belong to any party. It shall not break our unity. It is the identity of Khmer, only available in Cambodia; it should bring national unity” he said, adding that “We should eat without discrimination as a Great Khmer Family.”

Khmer noodle, Num Banh Chok, is rice vermicelli noodle with soup. Num Banh Chok Samlar is served with soup made of fermented fish topped with crisp raw vegetables including cucumbers, banana blossom, and water lily stems and fresh herbs, such as basil and mint.

For breakfast, majority of Cambodians living in the major cities enjoy more Chinese noodle, Kuy Teav, than Khmer’s Num Banh Chok. For local villages, Nam Banh Chok, is a choice due to the reasonable price, triple time less expensive than Kuy Teav.