Phnom Penh (FN), 9 June - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Sunday, wrote on his Facebook that the nationwide consumption of Khmer noodle will contribute to strengthening solidarity and promoting national identity.

Prime Minister also highlighted the benefits of eating Khmer Noodle, which is good for health.

"We eat Khmer noodle to strengthen solidarity and promote national identity. In fact, noodle is good for health, as it is served with fish and vegetable," the premier wrote.

Khmer noodle, Num Banh Chok, is rice vermicelli noodle with soup. Num Banh Chok Samlar Khmer is served with soup made of fermented fish topped with crisp raw vegetables including cucumbers, banana blossom, and water lily stems and fresh herbs, such as basil and mint.

The premier also urged people to grow organic vegetable and fruit; and reduce the chemical fertilizers from neighboring countries for the good well-beings of Cambodian people.