Phnom Penh (FN), June 12 – Cambodia is transforming TV broadcasting system from analog to digital system, which plans to finish in 2023 in order to adapt to digital TV broadcasting evolution in the region and in the glob as well as conducting a study to avoid negative impacts as well as cooperating with neighboring countries to solve problems posed by the use of this new technology, Prime Minister Hun Sen addressed at the opening of the 16th Asia Media Summit, held in Siem Reap on 12 June 2019.

The premier continued that potential digital technology had replaced the use of analog technology in order to increase quality and efficiency such as in sound, picture, speed of data transmission, data storage, usage saving, radio wave, reduction in production expenditure, and the increase in productivity abundance in the industry sector, media, entertainment, sharing, and the obtain of information.

“Digital technology had incorporated between Telecommunications and Broadcasting system creating potential Digital Information Communication and universal social media such as Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Telegram, Twitter etc. that provide potential information communication and the connection of human network, trade facilitation, market barrier reduction, as well as allowing private sector and entrepreneurs to have ability to create new business innovations,” he stated.

“Digital technology has transformed the national management to be Digital Government by creating Digital Economy, promoting quality and efficiency of the public services along with accountability and transparency as well as increasing connection of internal and global networks,” he added.