Phnom Penh (FN) July 4 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen addressed at the opening of the “Socio-Cultural Program” and the launching of the “2019-2023 Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy”, chaired by Cambodia, held at WTO headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Cambodia believes in benefits of globalization and international cooperation under rules-based trading system. We acknowledge that the global trading system should not be blocked by unilateral tariff measures, but should be promoted and supported through the adherence to proper policy of preferences and provisions of special preferential treatment given to developing countries,” the Premier stated.

Strongman Hun Sen urged every country to jointly strengthen the important global “Multilateralism”, and called on WTO members and development partners to continue assisting the least developed members to graduate from the LDC status, and be able to make further and speedy progress in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.