Phnom Penh (FN) July 4 – Speaking at the opening of the “Socio-Cultural Program” on Wednesday evening in Geneva, Switzerland, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that Cambodia believes in benefits of globalization and international cooperation under rules-based trading system.

“As a small economy, we acknowledge that the global trading system should not be blocked by unilateral tariff measures, but should be promoted and supported through the adherence to proper policy of preferences and provisions of special preferential treatment given to developing countries,” Prime Minister stated.

“Based on this unwavering belief, I have advised Minister of Commerce of Cambodia and Cambodia’s Ambassador to the WTO to continuously cooperate with other members during the WTO negotiation reform process in the current context, requiring all of us to jointly strengthen the important global [Multilateralism],” he added.

“Socio-Cultural Program”, was held on the sideline of the “the 7th Aid for Trade Global Review” at the WTO headquarter, to launch the “2019-2023 Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy”, and provides an opportunity for all participants to discuss and exchange views on any issue benefiting every country.