Switzerland (FN), July 4 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is deeply sad to learn that human rights have been used nowadays by some powerful countries as a political tool or a new operational norm or an excuse for them to interfere in weaker states with sovereignty, full independence and terriotorial integrity, addressing at the 41st Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights at the United Nations Office at Geneva on Thursday.

Prime Minister Hun Sen added that despite the efforts and numerous achievements, Cambodia has never been commended by groups or institutions with a single political agenda of regime change at any cost. They always accuse the Royal Government of Cambodia of violating human rights in Cambodia, even though human rights records in their own countries are filled with xenophobia, racial discrimination, mistreatment of immigrants and etc.

The premier also said that without hesitation, they apply double standard in evaluating the human rights in Cambodia, with an aim to hinder our developments and damage our countries' reputations.

It is very strange that Cambodia was asked to strengthen her democracy, human rights, and the rule of law; yet when the authority enforced the laws, we were accused of restricting freedom of expression. Worse than this, some of those countries and
institutions have taken matters related to human rights as a hostage, when discussing on assistances or economic preferential treatment extended to Cambodia .

In the session, Prime Minister Hun Sen stressed that Cambodia remains committed to strengthen close cooperation and constructive partnership with all UN human rights mechanism and relevant stakeholders in order to further enhance the promotion and protection of human rights in the country.

The premier requested all stakeholders to consider all issues in a holistic approach, that is to look at the whole forest, instead of one single tree with prejudice towards one’s political agenda.