Switzerland (FN), July 5 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated that Cambodia does not allow any foreign military bases on the Kingdom’s territory, speaking in a meeting with over 1,200 Cambodians living in Europe.

Cambodia strictly adheres to the Constitution, which bans foreign military bases in the kingdom and Cambodian military bases abroad, except under the framework of United Nations, the premier reiterated.

The premier’s clarification came after the US Defence Department asked Cambodia to explain “the turn down of an offer to repair a naval base”, which raised speculation of possible plans for hosting China’s military base in Cambodia’s largest naval base.

Prime Minister Hun Sen questioned why Cambodia needs to have a foreign military base? Constitution of Cambodia determines no foreign military bases on the territory.

Prime Minister stated that he welcomed all the joint military drills from every nation, not just China. He also planned to invite Vietnam and Thailand to hold joint drills, focusing on emergency response.

Article 53 of the Cambodian Constitution stipulates that the Kingdom of Cambodia shall not permit any foreign military base on its territory and shall not have its own military base abroad, except within the framework of a United Nations' request.