Phnom Penh (FN), July 18 – National Commission for the Prevention and Combating of Natural Resources has destroyed 29 vehicles that illegal loggers used for transporting logs, Eng Hy, spokesman of the National Commission addressed at the Conference on the Prevention of Illegal Logging, held on Thursday at the Council of Ministers.

The spokesman stated that the act of destroying the vehicles used for transporting logs was done in accordance with the laws.

“On 8 July, the National Commision issued a press release urging people and companies to immediately stop illegal loggings. The press release highlights two measures, including (1) take serious legal actions on individuals who commits forest crimes; and (2) destroy their vehicles [used for transporting logs],” the spokesman stated.

The National Commission for the Prevention and Combating of Natural Resources, on from 9-17July 2019, launched a large-scale crackdown on illegal logging in Mondulkiri province under the direct command of Head of the National Commission General Sao Sokha, also Head of Military Police.

At least four people were arrested and 29 vehicles among the 40 seized in the forest were immediately destroyed at the spot, according to the spokesman.

Head of the National Commision called on other illegal loggers to immediately stop their actions or otherwise face legal actions.