Phnom Penh (FN), July 25 – Cambodian government spokesperson Phay Siphan urged Voice of America (VOA), US’s official external broadcast, to stop spreading fake news, so Cambodian people could live peacefully.

The urge was made at the press conference “Fake News Harms National Security” held on Thursday morning at the Council of Ministers.

VOA and Wall Street Journal recently published a fabricated report, baselessly accusing the kingdom of signing secret deal with China over the use of military base at the kingdom’s coastal province.

In response to such fake news and fabricated reports, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced through Fresh News on 22 July 2019 that the report on “Cambodia-China signing deal to use military base in the kingdom” is the worst form of fabricated news against Cambodia.

The premier also urged that. “It’s time to stop using distorted news about China’s military presence in Cambodia against us.”

Even the American themselves are threatened by fake news, according to the poll conducted a month ago.

“Half of Americans view fake news as a bigger threat to the country than terrorism, illegal immigration, violent crime, or racism, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center,” according to a report published on the Guardian on 7 June 2019.