Kandal (FN), Aug. 5 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Monday, announced to aid the construction of a five-storey building for Cambodian Police Academy, worth of USD 1 million, to provide training to Cambodian police officers, speaking Monday at a graduate ceremony of Cambodian Police Academy in Kandal province.

"We must have a good training facility to strengthen the training capacity,” said the premier.

The budget for the construction of the National Police Academy's building is not a national budget, but a fund from donors, according to the strongman.

Prime Minister also reminded the police officers that political stability, peace, security, and order are essential for the development of the society, and that the Ministry of Interior and the National Police are important operators maintaining those assets.

He also urged for further reforms. Prime Minister Hun Sen firmly committed to implement the fifth approach, ‘surgery’, to dismiss any corrupted armed officials and seized their properties, speaking Friday at the cabinet meeting held at the Peace Palace.

Corruption has been observed to be a major obstacle to national development.

“We must take out sand and gravels from shoes to continue walking. The fifth approach applies to the big and small,” he underlined.

Cambodia must adhere to motto of “reforming internally, increasing friends in spirit of independence,” and the approach to “reflect oneself in mirror, take bath, scrub off dirt, provide treatment, and conduct surgery”; and to continue with institutional reforms to ensure further development.