Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 19 - A total of 117,024 Cambodian applicants on Monday took the national high school graduation exam, which is a prerequisite for the students to pursue their studies at university levels.

The Education Ministry informed that 17,430 administrators and volunteers have been deployed at all 202 exam centers.

According to the exam rule, crib sheets, mobile phones, smart phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed to be taken into the test rooms. Applicants will be automatically failed if he/she is caught cheating.

Over the course of two days, the applicants will sit for the test in the subjects of geography, history, biology, foreign language, Khmer literature, mathematics and moral-civic education, according to an Education Ministry's statement.

Cambodia strengthened high school quality since 2014 through cleaning up cheat and bribery during the Grade 12 high school exam.

In last year's test, 75,059, or 66.21 percent, of the total 117,061 candidates passed the annual exam.