Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 28 – Due to the growing number of foreigners who come to invest in and work in Cambodia, Ministry of Labor announced a Prakas, aimed at banning foreigners from self-employment on 10 job categories, including (1) taxi/motor driver, (2) peddler, (3) massage therapist in the public, (4) haircut/salon, (5) shoe polisher, (6) tailor, (7) repairman, (8) producer of Khmer souvenir, (9) creator of Khmer musical instrument or Buddha statues, and (10) lapidary.

Labor spokesman Heng Sour stated Monday that a foreigner can invest, run business, and work in the kingdom by following the investment, immigration, and labor laws.

According to the spokesman, a foreign investor based in Cambodia will have to pay USD 180 per annum on the long-term visa and the other USD 130 on employment book/card. For foreigner who comes to seek employment in Cambodia, they will have to pay an additional of USD 50 per annum on foreign employee quota application.

Each foreigner contributes about USD 360 per year to Cambodia’s economy, he said.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Standard, and to ensure the dignity and quality of service, the ministry’s labor inspectors will also begin to fine any institutions and enterprises that do not have trademark, or list of products or services, or menu (restaurant) in Khmer-language.