Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 10 – Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that he faced many dangers from trying to change Cambodia’s planned market to free market, speaking Thursday on the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of National Bank of Cambodia at Chaktomuk Conference Hall.

“We can not swiftly swap from planned market to free market. It is not easy to lead that reforms,” he stated.

“When I begin, I aim for two goals. First, political reform meaning searching for peace in Cambodia through negotiations; and second, economic reform, changing from planned to free market,” he continued, adding that: “I don’t think many people understand market system.”

Prime Minister recalled that his reform journey almost took his life away.

“I think my life was priceless. The bullets could not kill me but injure me for five times with my eye. Even the B40 rocket attack in Siem Reap in 1998 could not kill me,” Prime Minister told 600 attendees, including foreign distinguished guests and development partners.