Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 22 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered authority in charge to study underground parking space in Phnom Penh’s public parks to avoid traffic jams, addressing on Tuesday at the graduation ceremony of Build Bright University (BBU) at Diamond Phnom Penh.

“We have two current issues in Phnom Penh. One is parking space that we need a feasibility study with private companies to build underground parking space in public parks, including Hun Sen Park, except the Royal Palace Park. The second issue is waste,” the premier stated.

“If each of us properly disposes and manages waste, we would not have plastic waste flying around. If one anarchically disposes waste, even 100 Cintri [waste company] cannot help us,” he added.

It is worth recalling that Phnom Penh has several underground parking spaces built by the private companies, including OCIC’s underground parking space near Phnom Penh railway station, parking lot under former Freedom Park near Night Market, and under Ministry of Economy and Finance.