Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 25 – The Royal Government of Cambodia announced that she can loan up to USD 2 billion in the coming year on top of the existing USD 7 billion debt she borrowed, according to executive summary of Ministry of Economy and Finance's draft budget law 2020, which Fresh News received on Friday.

The same source said that the debt can be done based on five aspects: (1) the increase of investment in infrastructure and pubic service in terms of quality and quantity; (2) all development projects that require concessional loans are prioritized sectors, including physical infrastructure, economic productivity, and production productivity; (3) the loans have high concessional rates; (4) risks of Cambodian public debt for medium and long-term still remain low; and (5) effective debt management and project implementations.

According to draft budget law 2020, Cambodia will sign agreements to receive loans on three projects with the World Bank; seven projects with ADB; one project with Development Bank of Germany; eight projects with Bank of China; two projects with Japan; three projects with Korea; three projects with France; one project with Thailand; and one with India.