Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 10 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has delivered an opening remarks at the Veterans Confederation of ASEAN Countries (VECONAC) 19th General Assembly on 10 December 2019, held at the Peace Palace Phnom Penh.

He stated that, “The Veterans Confederation of ASEAN Countries (VECONAC), which is an ASEAN humanitarian entity, is actively performing its duties through the focused attention on veterans in the ASEAN member countries.”

He continued that in order to have the Confederation attained more achievements within the ASEAN action plans, I would like to share some comments as follows:

First, VECONAC must collectively continue promoting the luxury of life as well as preventing any war-caused harms on veterans’ life expectancy through protecting the veterans’ lawful right for the collective benefits of the them and their families, along with the lawful recognition from the veteran associations of the VECONAC member countries.

Second, VECONAC must collectively prepare policies, action plans, and any mechanism to widely expand the veteran sector, especially, the promotion of the veterans’ roles as what they deserve based on their merits, through incentivized on spirit and honor aspects, as well as supporting for a decent livelihood in accordance with the socio-economic development.

Three, VECONAC must continue promoting the capacity and knowledge of veterans and war victims in the region through arrangements of development programs, workshops, information sharing, experience exchange plans, IT knowledge and other beneficial activities for the VECONAC members.

Four, the management of the VECONAC member countries should continue actively in expanding the scope of incentives for the ASEAN veterans, protecting right to life and personal safety with further strengthening and expanding of friendship in order to initiate good cooperation and mutual experience exchange for the collective benefits of VECONAC.