Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 16 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that within two years from 1 January 2018 to 15 December 2019, the Royal Government of Cambodia has funded 55 billion riels (approximately USD 13 million) to support over 100,000 pregnant workers, addressing Monday at graduation ceremony held in Phnom Penh.

The premier added that providing maternal and healthcare services can prevent Cambodian pregnant women from stunting or malnutrition.

Head of the Royal Government of Cambodia stressed that yesterday 15 December, there were 250 workers gave birth to 250 babies and that from 1 January 2019 to date, 73,037 females gave birth to 73,521 children. This indicates that the kingdom’s birth rate in 2019 has increased thanks to the government’s policy for female workers to receive a 130 percent salary for three-month of delivery period and continued bonuses after delivery.