Kampot (FN), Dec. 23 – Tourism Minister Thong Khon told Fresh News on Monday that about 900,000 local and international tourists visited the 8th Sea Festival in Kampot province for three days from 20-22 December 2019.

Minister Khon expressed his thanks to Prime Minister Hun Sen for attending the festival and delivered valuable recommendations.

Addressing at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Hun Sen urged authorities to jointly maintain peace and stability at all costs. Without peace, there is no development and no respect for human rights and democracy; there would be only wars and fears all the times.

“Cambodians must join together to maintain the hard-earned peace, and must not allow any countries or any groups to destroy it.”

According to the premier, Cambodia’s coastal tourism development envisions to make Sihanoukville become a center of the cluster of the Cambodia’s bays; Kep to become a high-end and luxury tourist destination; Kampot to become a tourist destination for cultural heritage and agro-tourism; and Koh Kong to become a tourist destination for eco-tourism.

Echoing the premier’s appeals, Tourism Minister Thong Khon urged governors of the four coastal provinces to be well prepared to host the 2nd round of the Club’s World Congress in 2022 in Cambodia on the Development and Achievement of Cambodia's Bays and continue developing the necessary infrastructures that serve tourism sector.

He also pledged not to allow Cambodia’s coastline to become a place for drug trafficking, human trafficking and transnational crime which are disastrous for our society.

2018 Sea Festival, held in Koh Kong province, attracted about 180,000 visitors to the province, according to the minister.