Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 7 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that all people in the world really need peace, except terrorists who have the ambition to destroy peace, speaking on the occasion of the 41st Anniversary of January 7 Victory Day, held Tuesday at Koh Pich.

“I am conveying my sincere thanks to our friends — near and far, development partners, and international organizations for their assistances to the Cambodian people from the day when the country liberated from the regime of genocide up to the present, and are working to further their fruitful relations and cooperation for the course of peace, democracy and development,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“I am grateful to our compatriots for the supports you give to my political message [We Thank Peace], in which its value is everlasting from past to the future. Everyone need peace, except terrorists who wish to destroy it,” he underlined.

“We Thank Peace" has become a slogan for peace loving people.