Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 16 – As of 2020, PRASAC has 25 years of experiences in providing financial services for the growth of Cambodian people. In this auspicious occasion of its 25th anniversary and to celebrate New Year 2020, PRASAC still provides the interest rate of Term Deposit Account as high as 8% per annum.

Say Sony, senior vice president of PRASAC, said, “To celebrate 25th Anniversary of PRASAC’s operations and as New Year gift for our valued customers, we are delighted to continue the offer of deposit interest rate up to 8% per annum for clients who open Term Deposit Account with the term from 12 months upwards. Therefore, all valued clients who have available funds can come to get this special offer from PRASAC with the additional rate of 0.25% on top of standard rate of 7.75% for Khmer Riel and U.S. Dollar for Maturity Growth Account and 7.50% for Monthly Growth Account.”

“Clients have a variety of choices of tenor of term deposit account, meaning that they can deposit from 1 month, 2 months until 60 months according to their cash flow or cash demand. What is even better is that the clients can withdraw interest on a monthly basis if they need for their spending month by month.” Sony added.
“PRASAC’s Term Deposit not only provides high interest rate but also offers the safety, encourages people to maximize the use of their fund as much as possible, reserve the specific fund for emergency cases, and contributes in giving many sources of fund to people or any business owners who face the shortage of funding,” he continued.

Speaking on behalf of PRASAC’s Management and Staff, he thanked all the depositors who always support, trust and use the institution’s services and wished all clients success, luck, good health and a great fortune. He firmed that savings at PRASAC is the smartest choice and is very desirably lucrative.

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PRASAC, a financial institution among the top 5 largest banks in Cambodia, provides financial services to clients such as: deposits, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, fund transfer up to USD 100,000 with free of charge, loans, cash deposit machine, cash-by-code, foreign exchange, phone top-up, payroll service, fast payment, ATM, internet banking, mobile banking, POS, , Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS), Bakong system service and others with a network of nearly 200 offices with 9,000 employees.