Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 30 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed Thursday that the Kingdom will not ban any flights from China despite the Coronavirus, speaking at the briefing on Coronavirus held at the Peace Palace.

According to the premier, Cambodia will not ban flights or ban imports from China nor deport the Chinese citizen having Coronavirus from Cambodia due to five critical reasons.

Frist, China is the Kingdom’s partner in trading, commerce, and tourism, which significantly contributed to Cambodia's economic growth.

Second, Cambodian people and businessmen benefit from Cambodia-China good relations.

Third, many Cambodian students and scholars have earned scholarships to study and live in China.

Fourth, the two countries are enjoying active imports and exports.

Fifth, Cambodia-China are in comprehensive strategic partnership.

“If Cambodia decides to shut down all transportations from China, it means Cambodia abandons friend during the hard time. As a result, the two countries’ investment, trade, tourists, and education would suffer severely,” the premier underlined.