Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 30 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has provided eight recommendations for Cambodian compatriots to prevent Coronavirus, speaking at the briefing on Coronavirus, held Thursday morning at the Peace Palace.

First, do not over fear that would be a waste of time. Everyone can prevent the virus by hygiene.

Second, spread correct information.

Third, every institution must operate normally, including state and private institutions, factories, enterprises, markets, pagodas and religious sites.

Fourth, should put high priority to schools. School must operate normally with good hygiene. Parents have to send children to school.

Fifth, must wear protective mask where mandatory.

Sixth, masks must be sold at a reasonable price.

Seventh, must provide services without discrimination, including transportation and hotel services.

Eight, Cambodian consuls and students and workers abroad, including in Wuhan, must stay there and jointly standby the Chinese side. Do not abandon friend during hard time.

Cambodia continues to apply the ASEAN Principles on SARs introduced in 2003, stating that the patient must be treated in the countries they are in, instead of sending them back to their home countries, according to the premier.