Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 31 – Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed concern over the emerging global challenges, saying a joint effort is mandatory.

He stated at the annual conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held Friday at the Peace Palace.

"Major global challenges, including climate change, terrorism, refugees, cyber and transnational crimes, and infectious disease like Wuhan’s Coronavirus, require joint efforts and global solutions,” said the premier.

He underlined that Cambodia also faces another challenge – a double-standard democracy and human rights as the pretexts to intervene in domestic affairs of Cambodia.

Responding to the above challenge, the premier said Cambodia must adhere to a foreign policy that protects the national interests through implementing five major tasks:

First, defend national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity; maintain peace, stability, and unity; and uphold principles of neutrality and peaceful co-existences.

Second, reform internally and make friends externally based on independence.

Third, promote economic diplomacy by attracting foreign investment, diversify investment sources, expand markets, export Cambodian products abroad, attract tourists, and promote culture internationally.

Fourth, strengthen multilateralism in global affairs and contribute to global efforts to address the challenges that threaten peace, security, international security, and sustainable development.

Fifth, improve capacity of diplomats to promote human resources.