Seoul (FN), Feb. 4 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the “World Summit General Assembly: Centenary General Assembly and International Summit Council for Peace” on 4 February 2020.

The summit, held in Seoul under the theme “Peace, Security and Human Development”, was attended by Head of States and Head of Governments; Co-Founder of Universal Peace Federation Hak Ja Han Moon; and Former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon.

Addressing the summit, Strongman of Cambodia Hun Sen said, “Peace is the foundation for development. But now global peace remains rather fragile as the world is moving toward a new multi-polar framework with competing interests and rebalancing of global power.”

He continued that the world is facing with severe and potentially protracted trade-war that are creating economic risks and negatively affecting medium-term economic growth as well as overall socio-economic development.

The premier also noted the issue of climate change, saying it has become a huge risk threatening the development and security of humankind. Global warming, rising sea level, loss of biodiversity and natural resources, bigger and more frequent natural disasters as well as dry-up of main water sources one after another, have become topic for which many countries are hotly debating about, and are likely to be a cause of dispute between countries in the future.

As a leader of Cambodia who has personally gone through war and persistently sought peace for this small nation, Premier Hun Sen shared four recommendations to enhance peace, security and human development as follows:

First, continue to promote multilateral system and rule-based international orders with the aim of further strengthening and broadening cooperation so as to fully secure peace, security, safety and stability, through promoting close dialogues, building trust as well as resolving regional challenges with peaceful means based on international laws.

Second, promote culture of interfaith dialogues in order to build mutual understanding, respect, trust and tolerance, as well as strictly adhering to the principle of non-interference with other countries’ internal affairs as meddling in others’ affairs would always bring about destruction and disasters to the development of the country.

Third, enhance cooperation to further promote globalization: ensure openness for cooperation mechanism and support the multilateral trade system, especially accelerate the connectivity between our societies and economies so as to promote the implementation of each country development agenda and achieve sustainable and inclusive development..

Fourth, foster development through people-centric approach, especially for the development and strengthening of social protection system such as the enhancement of quality education, improvement of people well-beings, the reduction of poverty and narrowing of development gap in accordance with steady and rapid changes of socio-economic structure.

“The building and maintaining of peace is priceless; and peace is the foundation for socio-economic development as well as the strengthening of security and human development,” Cambodian prime minister underlined.