Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 4 – Foreign Affairs Ministry of China confirmed on 4 February that the Chinese side could not arrange a visit of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to Wuhan due to the severity of coronavirus outbreak, Strongman Hun Sen told Fresh News CEO Lim Chea Vutha.

“Since the Chinese side could not arrange a visit for us, we will head to the motherland after completing the mission in Seoul,” the premier said.

During a meeting with Cambodian citizens in South Korea on 3 February, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that he would visit Cambodian students in Wuhan if the Chinese Government allows.

“Hun Sen will go if China agrees. Hun Sen dared to invest life to save the nation; and dared to sacrifice the life to bring national unity, and end the war. Hun Sen is not afraid to go to Wuhan to meet and greet Cambodian students,” the premier said.