Beijing (FN), Feb. 5 – In a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed that his working visit to China aims to exchange views on existing coronavirus epidemic as well as supporting China in battling

the virus outbreak.

On behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked the the Chinese Government for helping Cambodians living in China safe and secure from coronavirus.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expressed confidence that the Chinese Government and People will win the battle against coronavirus. In response, Cambodian premier reassured that the challenging issue is not coronavirus itself, but a psychological war provoking fear of pandemic.

Prime Minister Hun Sen emphasised that the Cambodian government and people will stand firmly with the Chinese government and people to fight against the epidemic at this very difficult moment.

“Only the toughest grass can stand strong wind. Only a true friend stays during difficult time.”

Cambodia’s stand in fighting against the epidemic has once again demonstrated that Cambodia is an “ironclad” friend of China, and that China and Cambodia are truly a community of shared future through thick and thin.