Sihanoukville (FN), Feb. 14 – Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen sent a message to the world that it is not a time of fear and discrimination amid Covid-19 outbreak, but a time of joint collaboration to solve global challenges.

On 14 February at the Sihanoukville port, Strongman Hun Sen greeted the passengers of Westerdam cruise; shook hands; and presented bouquets of roses to them.

"People talk of fear of Covid-19, but for me, I think different. When asked if Cambodia would allow the cruise to dock if the passengers were infected Coronavirus. The answer would be I allow the ship to dock as soon as possible, as we cannot leave the patients to die in the sea,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The premier stated that coping with the virus is the global responsibility and that it is Cambodia's responsibility on behalf of member of the international community.

“This is high time we joint hand to address the facing issue. The virus does not harm just a single country; many countries have faced such issue.”

He argued that “How could we talk about respecting human rights if the right to living is not even respected.”

“Cambodia prioritises respecting human rights; first and foremost, we must respect the rights to living of more than 2,200 people with 41 nationalities on the cruise,” Prime Minister Hun Sen underlined.

According to the premier, Cambodia is engaging in the process of respecting human rights: the right to survive, the right to be free from discrimination; and the rights of all the voyagers to return home safely.

He thanked Cambodian compatriots for supporting his decision to allow entry of the Westerdam cruise after she had been rejected by several countries due to a fear of coronavirus.