Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 2 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen called on people to fight against fake news on Covid-19 in Cambodia, speaking at a graduation ceremony on Monday.

He stressed that each individual plays important role in countering fake news, not just relying on ministries or government spokesperson to respond to fake news.

"Each of us must help fight fake news. Just the Ministry of Health and the government spokesperson is not enough," the premier stated.

To tackle fake news, he recommends Cambodian individual to share real information on Facebook.

It is worth recalling that the global death toll from the new coronavirus epidemic surpassed 3,000 on Monday (Mar 2) after more people died at its epicentre in China, as cases soared around the world, according to the CNA updated 2 March 2020.

“The virus has now infected more than 88,000 people and spread to more than 60 countries after first emerging in China late last year.”