Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 14 – While the government has encouraged people to follow the trend of social distancing, Metfone is one of most enthusiasm companies to inspire this message. Recently, Metfone has created the new approach by producing a music video about preventive measures of Covid-19. The video is getting a lot of interests and interactions on social media.

With the key message “Stay home, enjoy life. Support for preventing Covid-19”, Metfone has complied with the Government's guidance in conveying a wide range of information to Cambodians people, whether through telecommunications, SMS, Caller Ring Back Tones, Facebook page, website and other digital apps, and recently made a great music video come up very impressive attentions and hits.

After posting the video to Facebook for just three days, the educational song, along with a beautiful dance video entitled "Washing Hands – Cover Corona Song" caught the attention of many viewers through Metfone's Facebook fan page and YouTube channel. The choreography and meaning combined with the educational messages in the song has attracted over 500,000 views and 20,000 interactions in this video.

Metfone said that the producing of the video aimed to spread furthermore of how to prevent Covid-19 through social media, during Cambodian people are now being implemented the social distancing in accordance with the Government’s announced.

Vice General Director of the Metfone Company Nhong Dinthan mentioned “Metfone has tried and cooperated in all aspects in order to supporting the Government to disseminate information about hygiene, living habits to ensure that Cambodians acknowledge how to get rid of Covid-19 infection. Because Cambodian people’s hobbies nowadays are listening to music and watching videos on smartphone, making music video is an effective strategy to ensure that they actually watch the video while staying at home. More importantly, the music video was produced and played by all Metfone staff.”

Music video “Washing Hand-Corona Song” in Metfone fan page

Moreover, since April, Metfone has changed the signal name on Smartphone to "#NovPhteah". This is a mass solution to its 9 million customers to encourage them stay home, enjoy their life and initiate social distance for preventing Covid-19.

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Metfone commits to keep creating new initiative and creative communication ways to support preventing Covid-19 onwards. Stay tuned and follow Metfone website and Metfone page