Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 14 – Cambodia’s Army Commander Lieutenant General Hun Manet claimed Tuesday that he has no time to respond to any fake news, speaking to Fresh News CEO Lim Chea Vutha on 14 April 2020.

"I saw the fake news but I did not respond. My important task, on behalf of the Vice-chairman of the National Commission for Combatting Covid-19, is to work with relevant authorities and millions of Cambodian people to fight Covid-19 disease,” Lieutenant General Hun Manet said.

“Today I am working in my office at the Army Headquarter. I, alongside other officials, have continued to work as usual during Khmer New Year, and we are ready to help people in any emergencies,” Manet added.

He continued that: “Although I am not concerned with this fake news, I would like to suggest to those who are always fabricating news for incitement to understand the circumstances. Now is the time for the nation and the people of Cambodia to unite and work together to prevent the pandemic that affects Cambodian people both inside and outside the country as well as people across the globe. It is not the time to find ways to destroy the solidarity.

It is worth recalling that a fabricated news spread on social media said Cambodian Army Commander Hun Manet has been arrested by the Vietnamese on 23 March 2020.