Phnom Penh (FN), May 9 – Nowadays almost every houses are already installed Wi-Fi in order to receive internet connection, because internet WiFi is one of the useful thing for people to communicate and work especially for people who do online business.

During the epidemic of Corona Virus internet WiFi become more initialize thing that people needed for operating their work at home according to the announcement of Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile there are 36 Internet company in Cambodia which provide internet service and there are about 20 thousand of people are the total amount of users. According to the survey have shown that among 36 internet company in Cambodia there are 52% are Metfone Wi-Fi users.

Metfone Wi-Fi has the service which coverage all 25 provinces and city in Cambodia and has many package service according to customer needed.

In Summary according to the Data above prove us that there are a lot of internet service provider in Cambodia and there also huge amount of the user as well.