Kandal (FN), Jun. 12 – HE Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, accompanied by his Excellency and Mr. Phung Van Cuong, CEO of Metfone, visited the program and conducted training activities of School Information System (SIS) for teachers and students at Hun Sen Serei Pheap Takhmao High School, Kandal Province. This is the first step for Metfone to implement the system for over 3,000 schools nationwide.

SIS is one of outstanding solutions of Metfone for Education sector which is piloted at Hun Sen Serei Pheap High school and is planned to expand for all schools across the Kingdom. Right in the program, Metfone experts gave out guidelines and training materials about this system to teachers and students of the high school. It showed that SIS provide comprehensive benefit for all users, including teachers, students and their parents.

The system allows teachers to view and enter student’s attendance, leaves, and mark in their own electronic profiles; manage timetable, enter marks for Exams; manage classrooms; view and verify their own profile and moreover, send/receive notifications to students and their parents. In other sides, students and their parents also can check attendance, timetable, fee details, exam dates. They will view their children profile anytime, receive notifications from teachers and send requirements to the school. All of activities will be executed online by smartphone or computer in most convenient ways.

HE Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, said: “I would like to thank Metfone for bringing this school management system to Cambodia. It will greatly transform teacher works and student learning habits. In addition, Metfone has helped with education sector such as connecting the Internet to over 3,000 schools nationwide and installing video conferencing for the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Departments of Education for the remote communication during the Covid 19 pandemic.”

“The management system has completely changed our working habits,” said Mrs. Ly Sok Heng, a LAB teacher at Hun Sen Serey Pheap Takhmao High School in Kandal province. Student input and student management are easier to access, whether absenteeism, scheduling, grading, etc. And parents can also monitor their children's education through mobile phone notifications."

“At Metfone, we are not just doing a business, but we are coming to engage in cooperate social responsibility activities” said Phung Van Cuong, CEO of Metfone. “So we are always involved with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, especially during the time of the pandemic of Covid-19. Metfone is proud that the Ministry of Education has chosen to be partner with the launch of this school information management system at Hun Sen Serey Pheap Takhmao High School and at other schools in Cambodia.”

“A total of 3000 schools will have access to this system, and we believe that the education sector in Cambodia will be better and more in line with the vision of the Ministry of Education. Moreover, because of we are strong at technology, we hope that sooner we will bring important digital content for education, such as eBooks, to facilitate digital libraries.” he added.

Metfone is one of the leading telecommunication and ICT provider in Cambodia, bringing new technologies to the private and public sectors, especially in Education. With the philosophy of a "Caring – Innovator", Metfone will continue to develop its innovative products for the people of Cambodia and Cambodia to stay up to date in this digital age. More information, follow Metfone fanpage fb.com/metfone.closer or website metfone.com.kh