Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 6 – Cambodia is well-known as a Buddhist country with more than 97% population of the Kingdom being Buddhists (The World Factbook, 2013), who are daily sowed and nurtured in their souls by permanent existing values of Buddhism Dharma for thousands of years.

Dharma are not the abstract or rigid philosophies, they are a chain of actions of lively compassionate inspiration aimed at showing the people how to open their hearts with the miracles of awareness. Buddhism morality promotes the conceptions of good deeds, compassion, bringing love to people, nurturing the souls and building a sustainable society. That orientates the ideals of people and becomes the standard guideline for everyone to the true, the good and the beautiful.

Acknowledged the importance of Buddhism Education for the people in common, especially for young generation who are approaching the modern economy and diverse cultures in the world, Metfone Company under the consultancy of Supreme Board of Buddhist monks in Cambodia is nurturing the project of Buddha video series named “Path of Dharma” with the highest purpose of orientating people to the true value of Buddhism Dharma. It’s to guide people to a humane life style with full of love, sympathy with the people meeting difficult situations. In there, people live for each other and towards building a compassionate, healthy and sustainable society.

Video series is a non-profit project produced and copyrighted by Metfone Company and approved by Supreme Board of Buddhist monks in Cambodia, include stories and lessons from Dharma talks and Buddha’s teachings. All scripts are approved and consulted by Supreme Board of Buddhist monks. The first episode of the series will be tentatively released at the first weeks in July very soon.

Recently, Metfone also has been building digital content stores with educational values targeting wide range of audiences, such as KraDas Sar or Metfone short film… Along with the development of digital content, Metfone will keep bringing out free meaningful and valuable products in social media networks and digital platforms everywhere every time.

By building the society of love, equality and civilization amongst the people, Buddhism Dharma in the other side is a drive to develop a country because a typical developed country is structured by many factors including a fair and civilized society, economy development sticking with progressiveness and social equality, poverty decrease and unpolluted environment. From that, Metfone has sent its effort for the development of community and the sufficient living condition of people all over the Kingdom.

Being the pioneering company in corporate responsibility activities, Metfone is not only one of the biggest donator in Cambodia by sponsoring Red Cross, free health check-up, reuniting the lost relatives, charitable heart surgery; sponsoring for education, startup and more. Metfone is also the operator accompanying Government to implement Digital Transformation for the Ministries and enterprises, besides, Metfone supports by cash and services to fight against the pandemics and disasters together with Government and the people. Total donation from Metfone up to present is 85 million USD. From 2020, Metfone determines the mission to build a digital society and towards a more progressive life for the people.

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