Prey Veng (FN), Jul. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen recalled the event that his in-law was shot dead in 1996 in Phnom Penh and the attempted assassination against him in Siem Reap in 1998.

His remark was made at a visit to Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development Centre in Peamro district, Prey Veng province on Tuesday.

“So who could seek justice for me when my in-law was shot dead in Phnom Penh in 1996 and when they attempted to assassinate me [with four B-40 rockets] in Siem Reap province,” the premier asked.

On 24 September 1998, while traveling to Siem Reap, the premier’s convoy was targeted by an attacker with B-40. The rocket missed him and struck a nearby house, killing one civilian, and injuring another.

20 years later, Prime Minister Hun Sen recalled, “If all the four B-40 rockets had exploded simultaneously or if there was no heavy rain to interfere the control line, I would have died at that time.”

“You have to know that long as I am the prime minister, I will not let you kill me, topple or launch colour revolution against me. At any cost, I must protect peace and lives of Cambodian people,” the premier underlined.