Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 3 – Metfone has co-organised the press conference with Amret and Vivo on Monday to launch the biggest promotion for mass mobile banking users of free smartphones and SIM card. Through this program, Metfone aims to accelerate the digital transformation in Financial Industry by cooperating with the partners and brands, especially pushing the switch of 2G and 3G technologies to 4G technology.

By the time of the launching, from 3rd August to 31st December 2020, customers who make the loan with Amret can take chances to receive many benefit, including free Vivo Smartphones and especially free Metfone SIM cards with 1GB data and unlimited on-net call for 2 weeks.

Metfone set a goal in cooperating with brands and partners to push switching the technologies from 2G and 3G to 4G faster. Because 4G helps people to utilize the applications of technologies in all aspects of life, such as communication, reading newspaper, connection, study and entertainment. In reality, Cambodia still has 20% mobile customers who are using Feature phones that prevents them from approaching and using new technologies and services. In current and following stages, Metfone is incorporating with partners and brands in terms of terminal equipment and technological solutions to accelerate this technology transformation.

Giving the speech in the event, Metfone Vice General Director Bui Minh Binh shared his company’s vision: “Metfone expects this program will create a positive inspiring effect. By being upgraded to new 4G technology and towards 5G technology, people will be updated themselves, be familiar and competently utilize the  applications of technologies in normal life, study and work.”

“Thereby, the work efficiency can be improved and it gives a big contribution to Digital Transformation for Kingdom of Cambodia. This program is the first step which is leading to a series of consecutive and regular actions to help the people in switching technologies more quickly,” he added.

During this program, customers and people will be received the comprehensive supports from Amret, Metfone and Vivo in terms of terminal equipment and services. This helps them a lot to save money, upgrade technologies quickly; expand opportunities to work, study and entertain remotely; thereby this is contributing to leverage economy growth of Cambodia.

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