Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 28 – Director General of International Relations Institute of Cambodia Kin Phea delivered nine recommendations to solve issues challenging Cambodia.

Kin Phea spoke at a roundtable discussion on “How has Cambodia prepared itself for today and tomorrow?” held at the Royal Academy of Cambodia on 28 August 2020.

The nine recommendations include:

First, maintaining political stability. Phea said “Without peace, we do not have to mention development, human rights, democracy, justice, and the rule of law.” Phea recalled Cambodia’s painful history due to political instability.

Second, maintaining permanent neutrality, a smart foreign policy. Cambodia welcomes all foreign investment, not just from China.

“Cambodia welcomes Chinese and American investment indiscriminately,” Phea said.

Third, strengthening Cambodia's foreign relations with neighbours and middle powers.

Fourth. strengthening relations with three superpowers: US, Russia, and China. Kin Phea suggested that relations with Russia, the United States and China must be focused on gaining national interests as much as possible.

Fifth, strengthening national unity. He said people could not curse their country and call themselves patriots.

Sixth, promoting human resource development. Phea underlined that human resources is a priority area of   Cambodia.

Seventh, promoting trade, in particular, strengthening SMEs, digital economy, and economic connectivity.

Eight, promote aquaculture and agriculture to ensure food security.

Ninth, be aware of the superpowers’ dirty politics.

Kin Phea ended his thoughts by saying the world is cruel.

“We need to know that some superpowers are doing politics for their own benefits, not for our democracy, human rights, rule of law, or justice.”