Phnom Penh (FN), Sep. 26 – Today, in line with the more advanced and constantly evolving era, Metfone Internet WiFi has made it easier for customers to register the Wi-Fi Internet service via online systems to meet the needs of customers and get faster registration services.

Customers can register via the Metfone website or via and fill in simple information such as name, phone number, address to connect or email then click Register. The sales staff will contact to you directly after you have registered.

Customers can also check and monitor the internet connection process directly through the Metfone website where the customer is registered. You can easily register by following the instructions below:
- Go to the website of
- Click the word “Internet”
- Click the word “Register FTTH”
- Then the customer chooses the package price
- Then click the word “Buy Now” and fill in the customer information
- Then click the word “Register” and it's done.
- You will receive a message confirming that your registration is successful.

Any doubts with registration, you can contact us: 0976 197 197/0977 197 197 or via the official Facebook page of Metfone WiFi.